Back Workout (3) – Dumbbell Bent Over Row

The back structure is so large and complex, for the best results, it’s preferable to train the back through several exercises for more complete development, and one of them is Dumbbell Bent Over Row.

Dumbbell Bent Over Row, also often reffered as One Arm Dumbbell Row, is a compound (multi-joint) exercise which emphasis mainly on the whole lat, the upper back, and the trap muscles. Other muscles involved are biceps and forearms.



  1. Grab a flat bench and begin with your right foot on the floor and your left knee resting on the bench.
  2. Bend your right knee slightly. Lean your body forward, put your left arm on your bench to support your body weight. Maintain natural back position, do not arc or bend your back.
  3. Reach down and pick up a dumbbell with your right hand. Your left arm should be locked at the elbow.
  4. Look straight ahead instead of at the floor in order to keep your back straight.

  5. Tighten your torso to keep your body from turning to the side as you lift the dumbbell.
  6. Concentrate on pulling your elbow back. The dumbbell should end up roughly parallel with your torso, to the side of your chest. Exhale as you do this.

  7. Slowly lower it to starting position where your arm is fully extended. Inhale as you do this.
  8. Repeat the following steps with the other hand. Go for 3-4 sets with 8-12 repetitions for each side.




  • Start with the weight that you comfortable with to make sure that you get the full range of controlled movements
  • Do not round / bend your back. This is the common mistakes that people make.


  • Do not pull the weight up to your shoulders.




Here are some videos tutorial that might help you. Note that these videos are not mine. I picked the best video tutorial to help you guys perform the correct movement of a particular training and gain results.



Dumbbell Bent Over Row is a great training for your back development. However, this training also has it risks. Remember not to round your back as it is dangerous for your spine. When you round your back, you put overall weights onto your spine instead of your back and it is harmful for your spine.

Also, remember not to pull the weights up to your shoulder because when you do so, you tend to turn your body aside and in order to keep balance you most likely will rely on your spine. Bringing up the dumbbell to the shoulder height also can injure your shoulder in some cases.

Lightweight is recommended for the first time gym-goer who attempt to do this exercise. As you progress to heavier weight you might want to consider using weight strap to help you grap the dumbbell firmly.

Also, Fitness HQ would recommend first time gym-goer to collect lots of information about weight training by reading books or learning from online materials. Books about strength training can be a lot of help to understand the form and which muscle groups are being worked out by a particular training.

Keep training hard and stay motivated!


Author: Fitness HQ

I used to be an over-weight guy. I tried so hard on different kind of diets (yoyo diets, skipping meals, meal only once a day) and yet I achieved nothing. Until I went to the gym by myself, people looking down at me, learning my way how to lift a weight. It feels great to be able to change my lifestyle, my body and how people see me. I prove that I can be different. I am here to help people that experiences the same problem that I used to have and try to help them achieve their fitness goals. I am happy to lend my hand and my knowledge to be able to change someone's life. Everyone deserves to feel great about themselves!

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