Chest Workout (8) – Dumbbell Pullover

dumbbell_pullover_1Nowadays there’s too much focus on the flat bench press, which over-develops the mid and lower pecs. As a result, the flat bench press can end up making you look like you have a ‘moobs’ (man boobs), even if you don’t. A nice, thick upper chest can really give your chest that solid appearance, where the surface of your pecs is like a vertical cliff.

Dumbbell pullover is compound exercises that targets pectoral muscles, as well as triceps, shoulders, and lats. Dumbbell pullover is unique in that its movement because it works the chest from various different angle. And this is the only exercises that works opposing muscle groups at the same time.

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Chest Workout (7) – Dip

Chest Dip_1Most people thinks that dips is only about triceps but the truth is dips work more than just your tricep. Chest Dips are a compound (multi-joint) body weight exercise.

It mainly use your own body as the weight for the lift. Chest dips emphasise on the lower pectoral muscles therefore it can be used as an alternative for decline bench.

This exercise can be done utilizing the paralel dip bar, dip machines, or bench dip.


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Chest Workout (6) – Chest Fly [Decline]


 If you want a bold look in your pectoral area and ‘lifted’ chest, you should consider this workout. This workout is an isolation (single-joint) exercise which targets mainly the lower part of your pectoral, to give that ‘lifted’ and bold look on your chest. Good bye saggy moobs (man-boobs)!

This workout, like the other chest fly, can be performed using cable, dumbbells, or machine. However, if you prefer using cable to do this workout, you can do it in standing position (as shown in the video below). These steps provided are mainly for decline dumbbells fly.

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Chest Workout (5) – Chest Fly [Incline]

dumbbell-inclined-fly-622x485Incline dumbbell flyes hit the outer part of the upper chest muscles.  It is great chest workout without exhausting your triceps. 

This workout helps you to get a solid upper chest with nice curvature. This workout is another isolation (single-joint) movement which can be performed using cables, dumbbells, or machine.

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Chest Workout (4) – Chest Fly [Flat]

Dumbbell fly workout is important for shaping nice physique of chests and emphasis squarely on your pectorals. If you want to build bigger chests, you definitely don’t want to skip this training.

Unlike the chest press, this exercise is a isolation (single-joint) exercise which can be performed using fly machine, dumbbells, or cable. Therefore, this exercise is using significantly ligther weights than chest press.


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Chest Workout (3) – Decline Chest Press


Decline chest press is another variaton of chest workout that you might want to add into your routine. The main muscle being worked out is chest (especially the mid and lower section), triceps, and shoulders. This workout is a compound (multi-joint) exercises and can be performed using Smith Machine, Dumbbells, or barbell.

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Chest Workout (2) – Incline Chest Press

We looked at Flat Chest Press in the previous post and we already learn how to do it correctly. In this post, Fitness HQ is sharing another pectoral training which has the same importance level as the flat chest press in order to build the overall pectoral muscles.

Upper part of the chest (upper pectoral) muscles are crucial for an individual who’s looking for thickness in their pectoral area. Everyone wants a huge chest, plain and simple.

incline_dumbbell_bench_press (2)Incline chest press is the key to upper pectoral thickness. The incline angle of this press hits the upper pectoral really hard. The main benefit in doing incline presses is to develop the upper portion of the pectoral muscles. This training should also be the first exercise in chest training, in my opinion.

This training can be done utilizing incline barbell, smith-machine incline barbell, or incline dumbbell press.


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