Welcome to Fitness HQ blog – a blog with a simple tips to help anyone to achieve their personal fitness goals.

People’s awareness to the importance of health is becoming greater throughout the years. People are constantly looking for information about healthy life-style, fitness training, cardiovascular diseases and so on.

Whether you have never lifted weights before or you just haven’t made the time for exercise lately, or whether you are not very good with nutrition or you just found out that your lifestyle need some changes, or whether you are bored with your training routine and need some changes or you are currently having plateau progress with your body, Fitness-HQ is here to assist you with some solutions.

For a first time gym-goer who wants to start sculpting their body but have no clue as for where to start and how, Fitness HQ has range of exercises and training methods that you can choose from as well as how to do it correctly.

Video tutorials are provided but Fitness HQ are not taking credits. Most of the videos are taken from more experienced Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach via YouTube. It is simply provided to help people understand how to perform a particular training in a correct form.

Fitness HQ will also provide tons of information about diets, weight loss, how to keep your motivation up, and so on.

Share the love, train hard, and stay motivated to pursue your fitness goals.