Chest Workout (2) – Incline Chest Press

We looked at Flat Chest Press in the previous post and we already learn how to do it correctly. In this post, Fitness HQ is sharing another pectoral training which has the same importance level as the flat chest press in order to build the overall pectoral muscles.

Upper part of the chest (upper pectoral) muscles are crucial for an individual who’s looking for thickness in their pectoral area. Everyone wants a huge chest, plain and simple.

incline_dumbbell_bench_press (2)Incline chest press is the key to upper pectoral thickness. The incline angle of this press hits the upper pectoral really hard. The main benefit in doing incline presses is to develop the upper portion of the pectoral muscles. This training should also be the first exercise in chest training, in my opinion.

This training can be done utilizing incline barbell, smith-machine incline barbell, or incline dumbbell press.


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Chest Workout (1) – Flat Chest Press

Many alpha males consider chest is one of the muscles that need to be shown off. Chest muscles (pectoralis) gives the look of strength, solidity, and masculinity. Therefore, it is very common, in the gym, benches at the gym are always occupied with people doing bench press. Little did they know that they are actually doing it wrong.

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